Fire Prevention Maintenance

Hood Cleaning - or Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning - is a major part of your restaurant's fire prevention maintenance program. 90% of restaurants destroyed by fire can be linked to the initial blaze in the kitchen. Safety for your restaurant, your staff, your customers, and your city is priority for The Vent King. With our maintenance program and tracking system, we offer a promise of qualityaffordable ratessouthern integrity, and leave your kitchen looking clean



Many restaurants have little or no means to capture grease flowing from the exhaust fans. Vent King has many different solutions to prevent this problem.

Hood Cleaning

It's a dirty job, but the Vent King is always ready to do it. We pride ourselves on putting our customers minds at ease. We work with customers to create a fire preventative maintenance schedule, satisfying local & federal codes.

Online Photography

Vent King documents pictures of all work done. Every job is stored away for years to come & is always available for your review. We utilize a cloud-based platform, seamlessly tracking, storing, and reviewing your restaurant information.

Hinge Kits & Access Panels

Many times ares of the exhaust system cannot be reached without hinges on fans or access panels cut into the duct work. Vent King offers solutions to restaurants through hinge and access installations. With a one time service fee, your system will be NFPA compliant, helping you to be one step closer to a mind-at-ease.